Welcome to Invest Nebraska!

Invest Nebraska Corporation is a private non-profit corporation focused on high potential early-stage companies in Nebraska and growing the state’s economy.

We achieve our mission by working directly with entrepreneurs, researchers and companies to help them commercialize their technologies, launch and grow new businesses, and access needed capital.  Our clients and portfolio companies like the fact that we utilize our extensive network to connect entrepreneurs, investors, business partners, and potential customers.

We also partner with regional leaders in Nebraska to accelerate their entrepreneurial successes.  Each region in the state has unique challenges, resources, and strengths.  But the measurable goals – producing more high potential businesses that can create new jobs and building a sustainable ecosystem to support them – are the same regardless of the region.  The process is fundamentally based on collaboration and partnerships.

Companies that qualify for an investment from Invest Nebraska must be high potential and innovation oriented.  Because of this, these companies typically need to raise substantial capital, beyond our investment, to grow.  Here are the characteristics we and other investors look for in companies and their leaders:

  • Unique/breakthrough idea with barrier to entry (proprietary, patentable technology or, if service business, “secret sauce”)
  • Entrepreneurs who are flexible demonstrate excellence in all that they do, have skin in the game and have high growth ambitions. Marketing and sales skills in launching new technologies into new markets are particularly valued.
  • Exit potential. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate how they plan to position the company to be acquired or provide a return to investors.


Programs & Initiatives

Invest Nebraska’s Access to Capital Programs provide capital to startup companies in Nebraska through equity, debt and convertible debt instruments.

Invest Nebraska’s Entrepreneurial Development Programs are focused on bring the assistance that founders and startups need. Because every startup is different we refrain from listing specific or limiting ourselves to specific forms of assistance. The most common and uniform assistance we provide is a comprehensive review of a business plan.

Invest Nebraska also provides assistance to high net worth individuals wanting to  explore how to investment in these type of companies and the due diligence process. 

Invest Nebraska creates many other educational and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to connect and and exchange ideas.