Our Intern Program

Since 2010, Invest Nebraska has been providing internships to undergraduate and graduate students.   During a semester-based internship or summer-based internship students are exposed to financial modeling, the due diligence process, website development, marketing, and deal document formation.  All of these students have ties to Nebraska though some may attend a college or university outside of the state.  Our diverse student interns have attended the following institutions of higher learning:

*The University of Nebraska-Lincoln                                 *Nebraska Wesleyan University

*The University of Nebraska College of Law                    *University of Nebraska-Omaha

*Doane College                                                                          *Vassar College

*Wabash College                                                                       *Northwest Missouri State University

After graduation we keep track of where our interns have landed (hopefully on both feet).  Employers of our interns include:

*Invest Nebraska                               *Bridgepointe Merchant Banking              *Nebraska Global

*Panorama Point Partners              *Silicon Prairie News                                     *Kutak Rock

*Union Pacific                                     *State Street Bank

Our Current Interns

Invest Nebraska believes students at our colleges and universities are an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  By exposing these future leaders to equity/debt financing, due diligence, various business models, and diverse industries, we are providing a hands on experience that cannot be found in any classroom.  Our intern program has been around since 2009 with many of our interns receiving employment in this exact ecosystem.  Today, we are proud to call our past interns.. colleagues.  Below is our Spring 2015 intern:

Alex Gansebom

Legal Intern

3rd Year Law student at University of Nebraska Lincoln




Lucy Li

Legal Intern / Financial Analyst

3rd Year Law Student at University of Nebraska Lincoln




Sierra Koehler

Financial Analyst Intern

Senior at University of Nebraska Lincoln




Alexis Noeldner

Marketing & Social Media Intern

Sophomore at University of Nebraska Lincoln