INC Angel Sidecar Fund


Invest Nebraska developed a fund that provides additional leverage capital in Nebraska companies at any stage of the financing continuum of business development.  The fund doubles the size of angel investment capital in the state since it requires a one-to-one co-investment  from individual angel investors and/or angel funds located in Nebraska.

Angel funding is a very important source of capital for high quality, early stage technology companies.  Accredited  investors (or “Angels”) bring significant experience, networks, and advice to a startup company.  To increase angel investing in the state, Invest Nebraska developed the INC Angel Sidecar Fund, providing additional leverage capital in Nebraska.  Companies at the seed or early stage of the financing continuum of business development can utilize the funds for working capital, commercialization, hiring key personnel, and product development.  This fund requires a minimum 1:1 match by individual Angels or Angel Funds in Nebraska.  The fund doubles the amount a startup can raise due to the 1:1 match.