Nebraska Innovation Seed Fund 

The Nebraska Innovation Seed Fund provides capital to the state’s innovative businesses.  The fund seeks opportunities that have the potential for rapid growth of revenue, increased employment and increased private investment capital in Nebraska companies.  Capital is invested as either convertible debt or preferred equity.  Our investment process involves a rigorous due diligence process. Seed investments can range from $50,000 up to $500,000 and require participating co-investors. To be considered for an investment under the Nebraska Innovation Seed Fund, the following Eligibility Requirements must be met:

  • The company must meet the Nebraska Statute definition of a small business (less than 500 employees)
  • The company must be engaged in non-retail primary industries
  • A business plan with proof-of-concept demonstration must be provided with the application
  • The investment must be matched 100% from any non-state government source

The fund is industry agnostic, meaning it is focused on sectors with advanced technologies and proprietary products and processes.  For Nebraska, typical industries include advance materials, biotechnology, medical devices, value-added agriculture, robotics, information technology, advanced manufacturing, energy, and nanotechnology. The use of funds depends on each company’s business plan.  Various activities typically funded may include working capital, equipment, implementing business operations, intellectual property, recruiting key members of the management team, and completing market assessments. Check out our investment portfolio here.

As a nonprofit organization, the returns we receive capitalize our Evergreen Fund for future investments.  Rather than distributing returns to shareholders like other venture capital funds, we will re-invest in future Nebraska entrepreneurs. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to the clients we support, the employees we serve, and to the vendors with whom we conduct business. As we continue to identify, nurture and grow bright ideas from the fertile ground of Nebraska, all who possess the courage and fortitude to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions will be afforded equal access and consideration. For Nebraska to succeed we need you to succeed.  Every company we invest in receives quality advice, mentoring, and services.  This ranges from periodic coaching to a deeper dive of the business operations.  In this partnership, we typically help entrepreneurs:

  • Form a Board of Advisors or Directors
  • Raise follow-on capital, including angel, venture, grants and loans
  • Hire the best qualified talent to enter new markets and grow quickly
  • Gain early customers